Reishi Mushroom Tincture

Reishi Mushroom Tincture

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Reishi Mushroom Tincture

Supermeds Reishi tincture is made from mushroom fruiting body extracts, rather than mycelium grown on grain, for maximum health benefits. Known commonly as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’ in Chinese, Reishi is a highly esteemed medicinal mushroom thought to promote longevity and overall health.

Tinctures are meant to be used as a dietary supplement and taken 1-3 times daily or as needed. Our mushroom tincture is extracted using a double extraction technique that involves a month-long alcohol soak followed by a hot water decoction for optimal extraction of both alcohol and water soluble constituents. You can take tinctures directly from the bottle or add it to tea, coffee, juice, or water.

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“My tincture story is simple – I developed an auto-immune disorder which causes my body to reject melanin, or the darker pigments in my skin. This condition is known as ‘vitiligo’, and I began recognizing it in my early teens. Despite being of Portuguese decent, and looking cow-spotted in the summer, vitiligo wouldn’t be such a major health concern. However, when combined with my profession (I’m a conservation botanist working throughout New England with endangered plant species), and a family history of skin cancer, my struggles with the sunlight are significant; it potentially jeopardizes my career path.  Your tinctures, in particular the full-spectrum chaga and hemlock reishi tinctures, have significantly reduced the spread of my condition. I am not sure the science behind why this seems to be the case (betulinic acid, anyone?), and I speak anecdotally, but I’ve witnessed a slowed growth in the areas of my arms and legs where the condition has spread most significantly in the past 5-years. It’s easier to track the spread in the summer months when the skin becomes darker. Who knows, in future years perhaps the tinctures will assist in my body producing melanin once again. What a sunny day that would be.” -Michael

“I like tinctures because I find it easier to be faithful taking them than making teas, etc. Drop, drop and done! I like to make my own tinctures but there are some which I’d rather buy, and mushrooms are one of those. I appreciated the clear and convincing info on your website, on what you do and how and why. I looked at some other sites, came back to North Spore and purchased. Didn’t take long to decide.” -Janet

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