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    Albino A+ Magic Mushroom


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    the ‘A’ stands for the subtropical Albino strain of the psilocybin cubensis and the ‘+’ for an enhanced mutation.

    It is a medium-large shroom where the cap and stem are completely white and show a strong blue color when bruised.

    Since this strain really focuses on providing visuals and making you become more reflective and philosophical, instead of boosting creativity, it’s perfect to make you feel at peace with things that may bother you.

    If you are looking for amazing visuals and becoming the next Socrates, look no further!

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    Amazonian Magic Mushroom


    Amazonian magic mushrooms are a bonafide classic that should be tried by every beginner and experienced psychonaut alike. That’s because Amazonian magic mushrooms are not only potent but give incredible visuals.

    Not only that, but Amazonian magic mushrooms have within their genetics a deep spirituality. That’s likely because of where they come from and their incredible history.

    If you’d like to know more about Amazonian magic mushrooms, then continue reading below.

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    Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom


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    To speak with the gods, ancient South and Central American cultures consumed magic mushrooms. Once the divine mushrooms were eaten, an intense spiritual, visual, and reflective experience would occur.

    Now, with Aztec Gods magic mushrooms, you too can meet the gods. That’s because these fantastic magic mushrooms have incredible effects and pack a serious punch.

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    Blue Goba Magic Mushroom


    Buy the best Blue Goba magic mushrooms in USA

    Blue Goba is a strain of magic mushrooms made for connoisseurs. This incredible strain has the raw strength of Penis Envy but with distinct clarity.

    That means the visuals are sharp, and your thoughts are crystal clear. For those reasons, Blue Goba may be one of the best strains to boost your creativity.

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    Brazilian Magic Mushroom


    Buy the best Brazilian magic mushrooms in USA

    With Brazilian magic mushrooms, it’s no wonder that ancient tribes in Brazil believed that magic mushrooms could let you speak with the gods. That’s because Brazilian magic mushrooms have some of the most intense visuals of any magic mushroom strain in existence.
    Brazilian magic mushrooms are not to be taken lightly, even for experienced psychonauts. As long as you dose these beauties correctly, then you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.
    If you want to know more about Brazilian magic mushrooms, then continue reading below.

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    Burmese Magic Mushroom


    Buy the best Burmese magic mushrooms

    Burmese magic mushrooms are as potent as they get. These fantastic fungi will have your mind melting for hours on end, even with a smaller dose.

    However, Burmese magic mushrooms will layer on positive emotions and provide deep introspection. That’s what makes this strain of shrooms one of the best and most meaningful out there.

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    Cambodian Magic Mushroom


    Buy the best Cambodian magic mushrooms in USA

    The Cambodian Magic Mushroom is another strain of psilocybin cubensis, whose origins can be traced back to South East Asia. John W. Allen, author and noted mushroom enthusiast first discovered these spores in the Angkor Wat temple while filming about mushrooms there. From there, he took them back with him to America, and they began to spread like wildfire for their unique and energizing effects.

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    Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms


    Buy the best Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms Online

    The Daddy Long Legs are quite a unique strain of psilocybin mushroom, indigenous to the Fraser Valley region of Vancouver, BC – where the best examples of this unique fungus are still grown today. Although it’s speculated that this mushroom had been growing naturally in the damper parts of the region for thousands of years, its history of cultivation and usage only goes back to the late 1990s.

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    Florida White Magic Mushroom


    The Florida White magic mushrooms strain (sometimes called ‘F+’), is an absolute must-try for any serious connoisseur of magic mushrooms.

    Visually, it looks a little similar to the more common Texas strain – thick white stalks and broad, golden-brown caps. However, the Florida White is widely known for the incredibly intense visuals it elicits. We’re talking fractals, waves, colour-blending, emergent patterns, the whole shebang. The reason this particular mushroom is in such incredibly high demand, and so highly sought-after is because of this powerful visual flex.

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    Jack Frost Magic Mushroom


    Buy Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms (premium)

    The Jedi Mind Fuck strains appear to be leucistic/albino “strains” and mutants like the PE varieties, which speaks for their overall strenghth. The strongest point of the strain would be the hallucination aspect, so if you’re looking for great hallucinations & vivid pictures, then look no further. And who knows, maybe you were a Jedi all along!

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    Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms


    Buy the best Mazatapec magic mushrooms online

    Mazatapec magic mushrooms are tied to a long history of shamanisticuse in Mexico. That’s because these magic mushrooms give an incredible visual experience that allowed ancient cultures to speak with the gods.

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    Now, we can experience the spirituality of these fantastic magic mushrooms with the Mazatapec strain. These mushies provide incredible effects that have a spirituality deep within them.

    If you’d like to know all about Mazatapec magic mushrooms, then continue reading below.

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