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Why Choose Super Meds

Our challenge: make the sector of mushroom cultivation handy to all, fostering innovation and collaboration to improve tomorrow.

Whether or not beginner or professionalwe are here to manual and equip you with the expertise and tools essential to satisfy your musicological dreams.

In our commitment to top class spawn productionstudies, and modern mushroom cultivation, we attempt to preserve a stability among the ecological technological and geographical regions of fungi.

Amazing Meds produces sawdust, plug, and grain spawn for industrial and fanatic growers, introductory mushroom kits, a line of sterile substrates, and medicinal mushroom dietary supplements.

We are lucky to have a couple of expert mycologists on personnel that oversee our in-house way of life financial institution, spawn manufacturing, and laboratory. We affirm substrate sterility with biological indicators, photogenically save our cultures for lengthyterm viability, and hold strict batch statistics that permit for stringent satisfactory manipulate.

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